The objective of the proposal is to introduce a new Module entitled Migration in Europe: data, models and policies (MIGREU) already provides part of the explanation while the University of Turin (UNITO) is interested in implementing it.

It includes a course on the migration choice and the effects both in the destination and sending countries. The course follows an economic approch of the subject in three laboratories focused on migration data (EUDAL), on migration laws (EULAL) and on migration policy actions (EUPAL) which will complement the course providing an interdisciplinary approach to the subject. Conferences and Special Lectures border the knowledge and create occassions for discussion.

The classes will help the students understand the complexity of the phenomenon by providing them with tools for analysis and will make them proficient in analysing it: understanding questions, finding data (laws, policies and actions), choosing the right data (laws, policies and actions), choosing the appropriate model of analyses and understanding the effects of policies. The students are obliged to participate to the activities and to suggest and support innovative teaching and new ways of knowledge diffusion.

The course is part of a Diploma in Migration Studies - DMS which has been added since 2016 to the master program of International Sciences and European Laws.