DMS and Stage

The migration dimension is becoming more and more important for international relation studies, sociological and political science studies, but also for economic degrees. Thus the introduction of this Module will substantially strengthen the master course on International Relations (CPS department), Cooperation and Development  (EST department), European legal studies (Law department) and it will be included as an option in the Sociological and Political Science Curricula, Economics Curricula and Law Curricula. 

The course is part of a Diploma in Migration Studies - DMS which has been added since 2016 to the master program of International Sciences and European Laws.

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1 esame da 9 cfu* dal piano di studi

Migration in Europe*  
prof.ssa A. Venturini 

Programma del corso


1 esame da 6 cfu a scelta fra

Diritto dell'immigrazione 
prof.ssa M. Consito 

Programma del corso

European Mobility and Migration Law  
proff. F. Costamagna e S. Montaldo 

Programma del corso


1 esame da 6 cfu a scelta fra

Dinamiche e politiche dell'immigrazione  
proff. D. Donatiello e da nominare
Programma del corso

Islam, migrazioni e processi di integrazione  
prof.ssa R. Ricucci 
Programma del corso




Internship opportunities at the MAECI

Course students have access to the stage at the Prefecture of Turin. For more information click on the file attached.