Manual Guides: data, laws and policies

Three e-books will be produced with the material used and developed during the laboratories. 

Manual guide for migration data:

edited by S. Kalantaryan, A. Venturini and S. Samorè (student 2017/18)

  • Population (census, surveys),
  • Labor Force (surveys),
  • Household (surveys),
  • Administrative Data (residence permits, social security).

Manual guide for migration policies:

edited by I. Ponzo and A.Venturini

  • Multilevel Governance of Migration,
  • The Access and the Mobility at the EU and the National Level,
  • Integration and the Regional Level.

Manual guide for migration laws. How to find information and updates on migration law.

edited by M. Cociglio, G. Rossi and G. Migliozzi  (students2017/18) M. Consito and A. Venturini.

  • Asylum,
  • Labour migration,
  • Family reunification,
  • Integration,
  • External Dimension, Partnership agreements and Neighbourhood Policy.