European Laws Laboratory EULAL

The EULAL Laboratory intends to introduce the student to the european and national legislation on migration and asylum. It will introduce the legal sources and the tools necessary for their interpretation. The student will learn to search for the relevant legislation, be able to understand it and compare with what has happened before. In the first year the focus will be on asylum legislation, in the second year on labor legislation and in the third on family reunification laws, which might seem less important but accounts for some 50% of EU inflows.

The final manual guide, which has been prepared in the course of three academic years, is published in the section Manual Guide

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A.A. 2016/17

For a broad overview on the EU migration policy:

  • Thym D., 2013, EU Migration Policy and its Constitutional Rationale. A Cosmopolitan Outlook. Common Market Law Review 50, pp. 709-736.


On the EU-Turkey deal and administrative governance:

  • Labayle H. and De Bruycker P., ‘The EU-Turkey Agreement on migration and asylum: False pretences or a fool’s bargain?’, (EU Migration Law Blog/Odysseus Network, 01 April 2016)

  • Tsourdi L., ‘Hotspots and EU Agencies: Towards an integrated European administration?’ (EU Migration Law Blog/Odysseus Network, 26 January 2017)

AA.2017/18 and A.A.2018/19

 In the following years,  given the creation of the Interdisciplinary Diploma in Migration Studies where the student are obbliged to pass an exam on European Migration Law and the availabilty of legal Clinics (namely .......) on migration  I have decided to replace the European Law Laboratory EULAL  which was a repetition with a European Data Analyses Laboratory EUDANL to support the ability of the students in understanding migration statistical resuts. See EUDANL for the content.