Lesson 0 Introduction to the course


Introduction to the organization of the course. Presentation of course program, web site, lessons, slides and readings. Presentation of Diploma in Migration Studies (DMS). For the provisional program click on the attached file.

Research project description of country report. The students have to organize working groups and write a country report choosing one of the 28 EU countries, with the present information: number of migrants, nationality, gender composition, share on the population and the labor force, employment rate of migrants in time series, Eurostat data source and the use of MIPEX information. The country reports will be included in a single e-book.

Test and evaluation. The students will be evaluated with two short written texts with open questions and a small research paper. A final global evaluation weights all the answer in a single grade. The questions will relate to the special lecture, the conference and round table discussion if organized during the course. The whole activities of the module will be evaluated inside the Master Teaching  Program, the CPS and EST Departments and inside the UNITO activities.

For the country report template and test description click on the attached file.