Lesson 10 Why people move? part II

The readings of Lesson 10 are the same of Lesson 9.

The migration choice: why people move?

  • International Migration Drivers 2018 JRC Science for Policy Report.

Executive Summary 5-10

Chapter 1 Guido Tintori Theories and empirical analyses of the drivers of migration.

Chapter 2 Trends and Pattern of International Migration and intention to migrate.



  • Alessandra Venturini, 2004, Postwar Migration in Southern Europe. An Economic Analyses, 1950-2000, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Chapter 2.

The Choice to Migrate

Introduction pp.48-49

2.1 An overview of the economic models pp.50

2.1.1 The Human Capital Model pp.50

2.1.2 Expected Income Model (Todaro)pp.51-2

2.1.3 Risk propensity and Risk aversion (Oded Stark) pp.52-3 not the model, yes conclusion pp54

2.1.5 Differences in the Utility of Consumption (Faini )pp 56-9. Only equation 13 and the text.

2.2 Comments on an empirical version of the economic model pp66-7

2.3 The Gravitational approach to Migration pp.67-9

2.4 The Sociological Approach to the Migration Chain pp.69-70

2.6 Empirical tests pp.75

2.6.1 The Gravity model pp.75-9 

2.6.2 The Economic model pp.79-82 

2.6.3 The Migratory chain model pp.82-91 

2.7 Final conclusion 91-3

  • George Borjas, 2013, Labour Economics, Mac Grow Hill, chapter 8

Section 8.6 the Decision to Immigrate, the Roy model.