Lesson 16 EUPAL Laboratory. Multilevel governance of migration and asylum.


The readings for Lesson 16 are the same of Lesson 11.

  • Scholten P. and R. Penninx, 2016, The multilevel governance of migration and integration, in Garcés-Mascareñas, B. and R.Penninx (eds).  Integration processes and policies in Europe. Contexts, levels and actors. Springer. Chapter 6 pp. 91-108
  • Borkert M. and R. Penninx, 2011. Policymaking in the field of migration and integration in Europe: An introduction, in Zincone, G. Penninx, R. and M. Borkert (eds.), Migration Policymaking in Europe: The Dynamics of Actors and Contexts in Past and Present. Amsterdam University Press. Introduction pp. 7-17.