Student Researches 2016-17

Research project description of country report:

The students have to write a very small country report with the present information: number of migrants, nationality, gender composition, share on the population and the labour force, employment rate of migrants in time series, where you show the visit of the Eurostat data and the use of MIPEX information.

It should be ready before the end of the course by sending a pdf file to


Central Europe:

Migration in Czech Republic. G. Aitò,S. Bacci, S. Belfiore and M. B. Miszczyszyn.

Migration in Poland. M. Badella, N. Lahud Hirasawa, S. Matija, N. Punturieri and C. Vecchiato.


Mediterranean Basin:

Migration in Greece. L. Boccanera, S. Bozzolla Cassione, M. Lazzara e S. Felloula.

Inflow in Italy from Extra Communitarian Countries Divided by Residence Permits.

A. Bona, I. Carbonera, J. Germano, I. Perlotti and L. Scotti.

Immigration in Portugal. G. Siino and G. Manfreo.

Migration in Spain. C. Bernardo, E. Enrico, K.S. Hlaing and D. Tedesco.


North Europe:

Migration in Denmark. S. Bertorello, N. Errichiello, C. Magnano, G. Sabbioneda and E. Scognamiglio.

Migration in Sweden. M. Bove, M. Peretti, I. Sibona and F. Spanò.


Western Europe:

Migration in Belgium. B. Maxin, F. Di Franco, S. Gallo, M. Orsatti and C. Udine.

Migration in France. N. Broudakis, D. Federico, S. De Caro, A. Desvaux and N. Spataru.

Migration in Germany. C. Civera, K. Pinna, T. Cuttini. D. Obruca and C. Berker.

Migration in The Netherlands. A. Anselmi, A. De Leo, C. Di Luciano, M. Gerbaudo and B. Mizzi.


Comparative Research Project. Migration in EU 28 Contries:

Comparative Research Project. Migration in EU 28 Contries. F. Sanna, S. Spatafora, L. Imperatore and P.C. Mingozzi.


Extra European Countries:

Australian Migration Law. C. Cosenza, C. Disegni, A Grelli, T. Popolla and L. Tonello.

Migration in Canada. E. Bianchini, S. Chiarello, C. D'Andria, M. Garau, C. Maretti and C. Mercurio.

Migration in Russian Federation. F. Alfonsi, R. Ghio, L. Pantano and A. Startsev.


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